5 Card Poker Variations: Differences Between Stud and Draw Poker

5 card poker is a classic version of a card game, the rules of which are familiar to many since childhood – it is interesting and fun to play this game. Professionals consider the five-card variation as the best place to start learning poker rules. In addition, since this version of the game uses the usual poker hands rating, it may be the best starting point for mastering other variations of poker. Although this game is quite difficult – it is difficult to estimate the strength of the hands and where you are compared to opponents – it is fun and interesting even when it comes to the online playing. 5 card poker is a rarer version that is played mainly for entertainment purposes, however you can find several options – Stud, Draw – at some online casinos.

How to Play 5 Card Poker – Helpful Tips

Since the rounds and structure resemble Texas Hold’em, if you played this version, you can learn the five-card option much faster. A specific player having a dealer button acts like a dealer. In addition, there are small/big blinds sitting next to the dealer. When each hand is completed, the dealer button and blinds move one position to the left. Forced bet by blinds must be done to ensure the action. Then the dealer deals 5 closed cards to each player. The next game actions are described below:

  1. In the first betting round, the player to the left of the big blind begins to act first. He can choose among the following three available options – Call, Raise or Fold.
  2. In the drawing round, players can discard any number of cards or not discard any of them – this is called pat hand.
  3. The dealer deals new cards to each player who has missing ones in hand – then a new betting round starts. Players can choose between Bet and Check options.
  4. A showdown of 5 card poker hands takes place to determine the winner (the player with the highest poker hand).

Check out some tips for playing five-card poker below to help you become a better player:

  • Assess your chances by the strength of your starting hands as this is a low-dispersion version of the game.
  • Choose a late position to have more time to think.
  • Do not hope that outs can improve your hand – with only two betting rounds and one draw (according to the rules of 5 card poker) you do not have many options.
  • Plan each hand according to your strategy.

In addition, be responsible for choosing the right table – with weak opponents, your chances of success are much higher.

Differences Between Poker 5 Card – Draw and Stud Versions

After reading the rules of these two different game versions, you will find that they are slightly different. Firstly, playing the Draw option, players are dealt 5 cards at once, while in a five-card Stud the initial hand includes only 2 cards. The second important difference is that playing Draw, you have the ability to exchange unwanted cards to get a potentially stronger hand – in Stud variation, this feature is not provided. Based on the foregoing, 5 card Draw Poker could be your best starting point if you are new to poker game.

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