Best Video Poker Odds: Estimate Your Chances Of Success Before The Game Starts!

For many online video poker fans, the main criterion when choosing a game is the maximum RTP available when playing with the optimal strategy. Some software providers publish the best video poker odds, and others are silent about them. But experts in the field of gambling have long learned how to calculate such indicators, so it is not so difficult to find information about the advantage of a casino, in particular video poker.

Best Video Poker Odds: The Leading Providers & Their Games

Video poker occupies the position of the leader among gambling entertainment; it is liked by fans of slot machines and poker games, as it combines both of these types. Today, many gambling providers are paying attention to games with the best video poker odds and adapting it for the app. So, the following video poker with best odds deserve the players’ attention:

  • The range of online games from Microgaming includes dozens of video poker games. RTP ranges from 98% to 99.91%. It is an excellent indicator that allows the company to keep the first place;
  • Considering what theoretical percentage of return included in the most popular games with the best video poker odds from Playtech, users can expect good payouts. So we’re talking about 98% to 99.54%;
  • Among the types of online video poker offered by the well-known company Cryptologic, several items are profitable for the player. Their RTP rates range from 97% to 99.25%.

Even though it is as close as possible to slots, and the machines even have RTP, players can increase their chances of getting a prize taking into account some essential points.

Poker Calculator Software: The Essence & Result Of Use

The first thing most beginners think about when they learn about mathematics in poker – is to use a proper program for calculating at the table. Poker sites prohibit running such tools, even if the software does not perform automatic calculations. Players should use auxiliary software tools carefully – if they violate the rules of the online room, they may face blocking of the account and money. They must check with the support service whether the software can be used and which functions must be disabled. Calculator serves to analyze game history, training, and finding the game with the best video poker odds. The user enters pocket and community cards, indicates the number of opponents, recognizes the probability of winning. Indicators allow poker fans to understand:

  • The value of hands is to begin to distinguish between promising and losing starters;
  • Dependence of the chances of winning on the number of opponents remaining in the auction;
  • Features of a board of different structures;
  • Draw value – unfinished combinations.

Analyzing the session, players indicate their hands, community cards, opponents’ ones, and best poker odds. The analysis allows figuring out in what situations they made a mistake, made an unprofitable bet. As an example, it is better to consider the multifunctional calculator – Flopzilla. It attracts players with the presence of a combined mode. The program calculates and displays a set of possible combinations and the probabilities of their compilation. Possible hands are marked with colors – ready combinations are highlighted in blue, draws in green. The cost of the program is $ 25. Purchasing a license allows gamblers to use the software on two computers.

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