Despite the bans online poker for fun continues to live

In the past, experienced poker players have appreciated the U.S. poker players. Such opponents were famous for the fact that they could lose a lot of money. Of course, there were also experienced users among them, but a large share was still recreational players. A lot of people would like to see those times when they could play online poker for fun with them at the same tables come back. So is it possible to play poker, or blackjack with Americans today?

Types of poker sites

The poker is legal in some states only. So American poker rooms are not able to provide services to residents of the whole country.

Legal poker sites in the USA

Moreover, some poker rooms have been licensed to operate in one particular state. They cannot provide services in other regions where online poker games for fun are allowed. New Jersey residents have the most choice in terms of poker sites.

  1. 888Poker;
  2. PokerStars;
  3. PartyPoker;

are legally employed here. However, if you play in these rooms, you will not see players from the USA at the same table as you. It is because New Jersey is a poker enslave; its residents play poker only with each other. You will also not be able to register to play in these enclaves. Although the residents of this region have been allowed to free online poker for fun, they do not use it as much. In these rooms, game traffic rarely reaches 1000-2000 users at a time.

Semi-legal poker rooms

It’s hard to say if the Global Poker Room is legal, but it provides online poker services all over the country! This room used a poker strategy various tricks and turned the mutual settlements between the players online poker for fun into a lottery format, and the winnings are in the form of virtual currency, which can still exchange for real money. For some Americans, this poker site the only way to play poker online for fun on reliable terms, but the risk that once this online operator will close by the authorities, still exists. In this room, the main contingents are Americans and Canadians.

Illegal rooms

Surprisingly, even after the high-profile cases and fines of 2012, some poker sites continue to provide services to U.S. residents without a license. These are quite large poker networks; Winning Poker Network (WPN) and Chico. Some players, perhaps, have heard only about the WPN network, which includes a justly online room – PokerKing. However, the sites that are part of these networks are very precarious, letting users from the states to their desks. In any case, game traffic in them is relatively small, so you will not see at their tables a lot of American rivals. These American poker rooms are risky places to play online poker for fun for money.

Best videopoker rooms

Moreover, in poker rooms such as:

  • PokerStars;
  • 888Poker;
  • PartyPoker;

they made up a real half of the contingent. Currently, these poker rooms work with users from the U.S. on special terms. We will tell you what legal American poker rooms are.

One of the largest online roams in the USA is WSOP. It is having fun. It was creat by the organizers of the World Poker Series. For our country, registration for the game for real money in it is closed, although some users were able to create an account using various tricks. WSOP Poker Room provides services to residents of Nevada and Delaware.

At his tables, he holds online qualifiers for the World Poker Series and even one of the events that take place online and includes in the official WSOP schedule. Therefore, poker room users can win a real WSOP bracelet from the comfort of their own home – a unique opportunity.

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